The Were Thing Dream

The Were Thing Dream


I should lay off the Chili before bed time!


This will be the first of many posts describing the weird dreams I have from time to time. On the morning of February 21st, I woke up from this particular dream. Keep in mind as you read that this was a dream and that I sometimes have more insight into what the other people in my dreams are thinking and feeling than would be expected in a story or real life.

I was at a house party with a small collection of friends. For the most part I do not remember who these people were or if I had ever met them before. Two people in the dream stand out for me, the first is the hostess and owner of the house. The Second is the catalyst that set the strange events into motion a man whose features were a bit blurry. As per the norm for me I do not remember any ones names.

As the party progressed the blurry man disappeared from the group. A short time later I left to use the restroom and heard unusual sound coming from the room close to the restroom. Naturally I had to investigate. I slowly opened the door and the sounds of growling and squawking grew louder.

Inside the room I saw a werewolf wearing the tattered remains of the clothing the blurry man had been wearing. He was chasing a parrot around the room. When the door came fully opened the bird darted out and I saw that it had a large gash running the length of its body.

The wolf guy locked his eyes on me. He crouched low and growled. Time slowed as I saw the muscles of his legs tense. He lept and I jumped back. I slammed into the wall behind me and the wolf guy smashed into me. Before either of us could move the remaining party goers were there beating the wolf with fists and feet.

The beast fled through the window and I was left unmolested by him. Our hostess began to scream and carry on about her bird and I informed her of its exodus. We all agreed to search for the parrot and split up to do so.

I found the parrot in the laundry room. It was crouched low in the corner and started to hiss at me as I get closer. The hissing gave way to growls, growls similar to the sounds that came from the wolf dude. What was really odd were the fangs protruding from the bird’s beak. I cautiously closed the distance to the bid and saw hair sticking out between its feathers. A werewolf bird was born.

I grabbed a shirt from the basket on the washer and tossed it onto the parrot wolf bird thing. Grabbing a hold with both hands I hefted it up off the floor and it fought me, it fought hard. The hostess must have heard the commotion because she came running into the room. Before I could explain she cursed at me and snatched her precious bird from my hands. The two then fled from the room.

I went back to the living room and explained to the other party guests what had transpired. The hostess returned shortly and explained that her poor parrot was so frightened by his ordeal and was acting peculiar. She even showed us the bite mark on her hand the bird had given her. I exchanged worried looks with the rest of the group.

The alarm clock went off and this dream came to an end.

My Wife’s Monster

A short tale of how a dream was affected by the real world, or vise versa.

My wife and I lived in the three flat house in Chicago owned by her Aunt. In case you’re as ignorant as I was a three flat is a three story three family home. Each level is an apartment. We lived in the basement apartment. In our bedroom above the bed was our window. It was a small basement window on the side of the house and if you unsecured the latches there was nothing holding it in place. So either the window stayed closed or we pulled it from the window frame.

The heating unit for the for the entire house was also in the basement. Chicago winters are cold but our room was hot; and not in the good way. Removing the window was not an option the room would become too cold and the heating bills too high. We came up with a way to rig the window partially open. We were able to sleep comfortably with this set up.

On this one particular fateful night I was in the midst of a weird dream. Someone, whom I do not remember, was explaining to me that a monster protected my wife. I thought this was ridiculous. So I said “I wish a monster would…” I was hit in the head from behind, hard. I really felt it, the pain radiated down from the top of my head to fill my entire skull. I even felt it in my sinuses.

Then my wife woke me up and it was jarring. I couldn’t make out everything she was saying. Something about the curtain which I then noticed had fallen. So I stood and started putting it back up. So tired and disoriented was I that I hadn’t notice the cold draft slamming my entire torso. It wasn’t till my wife pointed it out that I realized I was standing on the window. I then replaced the window and curtain and went back to sleep.

The next morning I went into the bathroom and carried out my usual morning routine. While using the sink I noticed a gash on the top of my head. It was not too long maybe a half inch and not a deep wound either just a little sore and puffy. I knew when I saw it what had happened. The window was the dream monster that gave me a good knock on the head.

Back in the room my wife noticed a small spot of blood had soaked into my pillow and was already dried. She pointed it out to me  and I explained to her about the dream. We figured out that the window wounded me. I was expecting a little sympathy and the babying that would accompany it. That however, would have been out of character for my wife. She laughed her ass off and ran upstairs to tell everyone else.