The Roundtable Podcast

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I started  listening to The Roundtable Podcast not long after the first episode hit the web. I find it to be simply fascinating. A writer presents a story, and the hosts, Dave Robison and Brion Humphries, along with a guest host (always some kick ass author), workshop the story. They dig into it and figure out what works and what doesn’t. New ideas are introduced and bounced around, and the characters are dissected. I don’t see how a writer could not relish the creation of a story and new story ideas. I longed to be a part of it.

Fat Boy Hero had been swimming around in my head for several years. The story was nowhere near ready to be written and had plenty of holes that needed to be plugged.  It was the logical choice. I went to the website and submitted my story. Soon after, I was on Skype recording a session with Dave, Brion, and special guest author, Michael R. Underwood.

It was an amazing experience, and way more than I hoped for. I made out like a bandit. I now have so many wonderful ideas to draw from. I have a theme to work with, and a much stronger plot. All of the characters have grown as a result of this experience. Fat Boy Hero is going to be one hell of a good story.

If you are not familiar with The Roundtable Podcast, you can find their site here.

You can find Michael R. Underwood’s site here. I highly recommend you read Geekomancy, by Michael R. Underwood. It is a really great book and a fun adventure.

Writing progress update

t15rBA1fFDYJKWX1QTbY6MgaWriting progress update


I hit a little snag in my writing schedule recently. What happened you ask? Life happened. I went home and spent time with my wife and moved from an apartment to a house. Moving is always difficult and never fun. With all the moving behind me now it’s time to get back to writing.

I’m trying to produce at least one short story per week. My goal is to  practice my craft and grow as a writer. While I do this I continue to work on the Fat Boy Hero project. I am still exploring some ideas for the story and plot.  To aid in the creation of this story I was on the Roundtable podcast and it will be out this week. The twenty minutes with is already available and I believe the workshop episode my drop today.

Not long ago an Author and friend I was chatting with offered to read one of my short stories and give me some feedback. He told me that the story was a mess but he saw potential. I think it was more in me than the story he read. So he has agreed to continue reading my works as I produce them and give me feedback. We have only done two so far but the difference I have seen in my own writing is incredible. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to my friend for this.

So far I have gone a long way toward fixing my issues with tense and I’m now working on word choice. Additionally, my focus is on   creating dynamic characters that are worthy of read’s attentions. I’m probably a long way from having this figured out but I have a starting point. I know I need my characters to be sympathetic and easy to relate to. I need to also ensure my characters seem to have a life before and after the story. A rich history, weather the reader learns of it or not, will help to make rich realistic characters. At least that is my current thinking on the subject.

As if that weren’t enough I have decided to start challenging myself more by exploring genres that I have not yet touched. My latest story delved into the horror genre and I’m thinking of going into thriller next. To add to the challenge I will be writing the other more than I have previously. By this I mean I’ll be writing stories from the perspective of people that are as far removed from myself as I can go.  Stories starring a female protagonist, for example, as well as characters of other races and more importantly from different backgrounds then me.

On to a non-writing topic. I have decided to start drawing a small and simple picture to accompany each of my posts. The first of which is attached to this very post. These won’t be anything special just a quick down and dirty sketch. My hope is that this will give me the practice I need to become the artist I once was and eventually to surpass my previous skill level.