Zombies Abound

Zombies Abound

Prepare for the Weird

I have no clue as to where this dream came from. It certainly was crazy and exciting, so grab some popcorn and a soda. Sit back and enjoy.

This one started off in a zombie apocalypse wasteland. I drove a car with a couple of passengers. We were fleeing a group of zombies. Now, you might be wondering why this would be noteworthy. I mean, we’re in a car and zombies are chasing us, right? You would think this would be the part of the movie where someone shouts out, “Step on the damned accelerator, dumb ass! They’re on foot!” Well, let me tell you. These zombies were fast and strong. So, yes, we were in a car, but the zombies were keeping up with us.

To lose the zombies, I pulled the car off the road onto some rough terrain. The car hopped up and down, rocking from side to side. Miraculously, the car continued to drive at a decent speed. The zombies did better on the rugged ground than the car. They gained on us and I realized the folly of my decision.

Just as the first zombie was about to catch us, it fell. Not only did it fall but it looked like it had been knocked back. Then another fell in the same manner. After the third one went down, we heard the report of a gun over the straining engine. One of my passengers pointed out a group of people, the same people firing on our pursuers. I turned the wheel and moved onto an intercept course.

When we reached our saviors, all of the zombies were downed. I stopped the vehicle and hopped out. Introductions were postponed as we were told to accompany them to safety. We followed closely behind the four-by-four they were driving to a fortified compound. Inside, we were taken to the commander of the base. She welcomed us, allowing our group to take shelter on her base.

Time passed, how much I don’t know for sure, and I became an integral part of the combat unit. I was trained in martial arts, and became the elemental Dragon Warrior of Fire. Yes, as the name implies, fire actually leaves my body when performing certain techniques. I know what you’re thinking because I am thinking it, too. What the hell kind of zombie story is this? Keep in mind, it was a dream, and my dreams tend to go places I don’t expect. This one just gets weirder, so prepare yourself.

I received a summons to speak with the commander. She told me there was a weapon developed that could wipe out massive amounts of zombies without destroying the land they were standing on. She went on to say that it had disappeared from where it was housed. She believed it was transported in time and that she is the person that gave the order to have it removed. She then gave me the order to use a time machine, which was just completed, to acquire the device. Like I said, it gets weirder.

As I got ready to step into the time machine, a large group of zombies attacked. The power for the whole facility was knocked out, rendering the time machine useless. I joined the battle and what a battle it was. The zombies breached the perimeter in a couple locations. Beyond the hole in the walls, I saw an endless sea of zombies. I did the only thing I could, I fought. I used my fire techniques only when I was in danger of being overrun. Turns out there was a limit to how much fire I could generate.

The fight continued on for what seemed like forever. I managed to get a couple of quarter staffs to fight with. I mention this not because they were important but because they were awesome. Soon after getting them, I put one under my arm and pulled the other one apart. It separated at the midpoint and revealed a blade hiding in each half. I tossed the blades and impaled two zombies that were going to overpower one of the guys close to me. I separated the other staff, also revealing a blade in each half, and fought with those.

The fight carried on. I start to get frustrated and angry. I used my fire with reckless abandon. I soon realized my powers grew along with my rage. I could use much more of the fire. Then, as if from nowhere, a phrase sprang into my mind. I saw, with my mind’s eye, a series of movements. I knew at that moment what I had to do.

Because I grew up watching a lot of anime, I shouted the phrase I instinctively knew, “Expanding Burning Inferno!” and performed the complicated maneuver. My view of the battle field shifted. Instead of seeing through my eyes, I saw an eagle-eyed view of the combat field. I could just barely make myself out in the sea of bodies. A ring of fire surrounded me. It changed into an orange-and-red solid-looking circular bar. As I did the last kick of the move, the bar expanded and spread out in all directions. Every zombie touched by it burned to ash. The living people remain unharmed. I knew then, somehow, that the other masters would also be able to do some sort of ultimate move. We had a way to win and survive.

And that is where it ended. It was weird and fun to live through.



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