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I don’t know about you, but fake blood and gore do not bother me. I have no problem eating dinner while watching a movie monster disembowel their victim, and play with it’s G.I. Joes in the poopy-slime cover end-trails. The reason I bring this up is because I can’t understand why someone would be bothered by it. It’s not real, we all go into a movie knowing this, with the exception of children. They have those wonderful hyper-active imaginations that translate that stuff into horrible nightmares and years of therapy.

Naturally this leads me to wonder if there is something wrong with me. Am I a sociopath and I just haven’t realized it? Doubtful. I think this stems from an even worse problem. I am all too capable of separating reality from fantasy. Where is the fun in that? Maybe life would be more interesting if I got the two a little confused from time to time.

I’m a member of a Facebook group called, NaNoWriMo. Recently there has been some debate about triggers. Someone posted a question about their writing that contained some form of tragedy that someone had lived through. The survivor became upset and it just went downhill from there. So now every person that posts starts the message with the words, Trigger Warning, followed by place holder that require the reader to scroll down to see the actual content. This bothers me. In fact it bothers me so much so that I refuse to take part in that group. Maye what I am about to say next makes me an insensitive dick hole. If so, than I will own up to it. If you’re so sensitive that you can’t read a post by your peers seeking help to improve their works because it makes you upset, maybe you should find the Mr. Rogers Rainbows and Sunshine Group to go play with.

Let’s make it clear that I am not downplaying the experiences of the people that were offended because they experienced the malicious act of whatever first hand. I feel for them, and wish it had never happened. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of fucked up people that make more fucked up people. It is our job as individuals to develop skin thick enough to handle the brutal world we live in. It is not our job to censor others because we have failed at thickening said skins.

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