Novel Publish Project

lintonheadshot-243x300This means I’ll be talking about my writing process, what I learn from self publishing, and what I learn about marketing on a weekly basis. I call it the Novel Publish Project. Lets get started with week one.

Current word count is 22,497 words. My plan and hope- this is where the inexperience kicks in -is that this book is at a minimum of 75,000 words. What I have done so far today is to consolidate chapters making them around 3,000 words each. This took me from 22 chapters of various lengths down to 9 chapters. The reason I did this is to make the chapters a more reader friendly length. Something I learned from an author on one of the podcasts I frequent. The 3000 word length chapter was given a little more import when a friend of mine said he wrote his chapters that length for the same reasons. While I was consolidating I noticed that the 3000 word chunks worked well together and may have made the chapters stronger . We will have to wait for editing to see for sure if the chapters work as they are now.

Another benefit from this is getting familiar with the story. I have taken a good long while off from writing because of some recent life changes. All of it good, so have no fear about that, but it was time consuming. I am a little concerned about finding the characters voice again and maintaining the continuity of the story after almost a month away from it. Again, if I fail in this it will have to be fixed during editing.

The last thing I want to touch on for now is my schedule. Before, when I was on the road, I would get off from work eat and then get on my computer. Time would be spent writing, on social media, watching movies or shows, and reading. Now that I am coming home to the family everyday I want to be sure to spend time with them as well as getting some words down. I plan to get some words written on my lunch breaks, but like before the duration and time of said breaks fluctuates. Lunch breaks are too chaotic to count on for getting words written on a daily basis. Writing at home will have to happen. This is something I will be discussing with my wife so we can work out an acceptable schedule.

Well, I’ve gone on for long enough. These posts will be short so a good majority of the time I have can be spent on writing story. Look for another update next week. I’ll be talking about how difficult or easy it was to slip back into the story and into my P.O.V. (point of view) character.

Till then I bid you farewell.

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