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Salchichon and Crackers

Cheese and CrackersSo my wife had some sausage, Salchichon, from Puerto Rico. One of her relatives brought some back after a trip to the Island. It sat there for a while before she told me it was a lot like the summer sausages I love to eat on cheese and crackers. Last night I went a head and cracked it open to give it a shot.

I found the sausage to e really tasty. The standard sausage that can be found in the stores is bland in comparison. The salchichon’s flavor while strong, was pleasant and enjoyable. Much like the summer sausage I’m familiar with it had a lingering after taste. Unlike the usual the after taste was an experience worth having all it’s own. An extension of the joy I felt while eating the sausage.

Let’s not forget that I ate the sausage as a part of a whole. To accompany it I started with a cracker base, plain saltines. Then set a square of a pungent sharp cheddar. Because if your going to eat cheddar why mess around with anything less? It was all topped off with the salchichon. This is the true test. Much like kids on a playground the cracker, cheese, and sausage have to be able to play well together to keep the kid who brought the ball from going back home. ┬áThis sausage did not disappoint. While there is always the risk of the stronger flavors overpowering the cheese and crackers that didn’t happen. The sharp cheddar and the Salchicon got along like old friends.

And now to the point of this whole post. This sausage was fucking delicious! I can’t wait to try it with other combinations of food stuffs.


As always, stay tuned for more.



Food Post 1

Food Post 1


I’ve been wanting to blog regularly about something but hadn’t figured out what, until now. It’s important to talk about things I am passionate about in order to keep up momentum. So I’m going to talk about food.

My wife went from not cooking at all to being a really good cook. So I’m going to share her recipes and tell you how much I enjoyed the meal. I figure Ill highlight one me a month. This also has the added benefit of introducing any readers to Puerto Rican cuisine, assuming you haven’t had much or any. I’ll also post about other types of food she makes including the best buffalo wings I’ve ever had, which she made. That will probably be the first food blog post. Stay tuned to see that later this week. I’m thinking Sundays will be food post day.


Till then, stay hungry!