Food Post 1

Food Post 1


I’ve been wanting to blog regularly about something but hadn’t figured out what, until now. It’s important to talk about things I am passionate about in order to keep up momentum. So I’m going to talk about food.

My wife went from not cooking at all to being a really good cook. So I’m going to share her recipes and tell you how much I enjoyed the meal. I figure Ill highlight one me a month. This also has the added benefit of introducing any readers to Puerto Rican cuisine, assuming you haven’t had much or any. I’ll also post about other types of food she makes including the best buffalo wings I’ve ever had, which she made. That will probably be the first food blog post. Stay tuned to see that later this week. I’m thinking Sundays will be food post day.


Till then, stay hungry!

  1. Edward Lorn

    This blog needs a like button or something. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the recipes because I dig cooking. So yeah get on that. 🙂

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