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Ghosts & Magic book series


I have been burning through books in the unofficial urban fantasy genre known as Tough Guy Urban Fantasy.

Real quick, this genre encompasses books like The Dresden Files, Black Magic Outlaw series, Thrice Cursed Mage Series, and the Demon-Hearted series. These boos came about to fill the void left when you finish the latest Dresden files book and have to wait a year or more for the next one. I for one am glad this happened.

So back to Ghosts and Magic. I came across this book from an audio book mailing service called Audio Book Blast. It tells you about free audio book promotions in the hopes that you will leave a review. Some how, the Ghosts and Magic series was not on my radar when I started looking for the growing tough Guy genre. But I am glad I did come across it.

There are currently three books in the series and I have devoured all of them. Each one was not only highly entertaining but expanded on the world and moved the overall story in interesting and unexpected ways. Hence the reason for this post. I personally woul like to see more of these books so I’m spreading the word to help ensure books I love are read by more people.

So you are probably asking what the books are about, or I hope you are at this point because I’m going to tell you.

A man by he name of Connor is dying of cancer. In a world where magic has awakened and creatures of myth are real dying has a very profound impact on Connor. He has become a very rare type of magic user, a necromancer. There are meds that extend his life, but they are expensive. In order to afford them he has become a Ghost. Ghosts are highly skilled individuals capable of doing dangerous work for hire. Connor finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy far bigger than he could imagine and he has to either rise tot he challenge of die trying.

Give these books a shot and let me know in the comments if you like them as much as I do.



The tiles to the books series mentioned above are also links to the book series pages.

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