Be warned, should we meet in person, and you have food, do not offer it to me unless you really want to give me some.  I love food and candy, I will not turn it down. If you only wish to offer me some to be polite with the hopes that I will say no, don’t. I won’t hold it against you.

On to the bio.

First thing you should know is that Linton is nut-balls crazy. Well, maybe not stab you in the eye and kiss your dog crazy, but he hears voices. Fortunately, the voices haven’t told him to kill people. They do tell him stories which he then translates for you.

A little bit about his background. Linton is a U.S. Marine and served for ten years. He spent a little time in Kuwait and Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi freedom. From there he did a short stint as a security guard (which was actually not a bad gig). From there he utilized the skills learned in the Marine Corps to become a wind turbine technician.

Linton started telling stories through stick figure drawings in elementary school. That progressed to drawing comic book style art which then lead to being a student at the Art Institute. He wasn’t much of a reader until he was about 18 years old and found himself in the field during a training exercise with nothing to do for many hours each day. A fellow marine let him borrow the book, The Phantom (the one with the movie adaptation cover) and he’s been going strong ever since. Didn’t take long to realize writing stories is what he wanted to do. The lengthy part was building up the courage to get started. Who the hell was he to think he could do the same thing as all the wonderful authors whose books he enjoyed so much.

Here we are now. Welcome to Linton’s head.